“Every object attracts every other object with a force that is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the separation between the two objects (Except for big chunks of rock.)”

- Tonwen Sacai’s Law of Almost Universal Gravitation
“The world was given form by The Inebriated One. And Lo, He was utterly sloshed, and thus did forget to stick it together properly. And yea, it all fell apart into lots of little pieces and, in His Infinite Wisdom, He made the pieces float rather than clutter up His junk room floor, where He had stuck it. And Lo, He did chuck in junk from time to time, so that lots of bits and bobs of other worlds He had made did clutter its surface. In His name we drink. Cheers.”

- Liber Inebrius 6:19, Translated from the original High Falutin
"At the Beginning of the World, the Inebriated One had a Child, and for it She made a mobile - a rotating collection of islands that would dance above the Infant's head as He lay in His Crib. The swirling islands made the Godling laugh for a time, but it soon grew bored of seeing the same thing day after day, and so The Inebriated One fashioned people, who would walk and fly around the islands, who would live and fight and die across the many tiny worlds that orbited above Him. And that is our purpose, our design. We are actors on a stage, playing our parts to entertain the Baby Below. Let's put on a good show, eh?"

- Manothorpe Grinning, Professor of the Mobile Heresy

"Nifflas" is a campaign setting for tabletop role-playing games, primarily Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.

Nifflas is a world of floating islands in an endless sky, a giant junkyard where stories are the most valuable commodity. The biggest - and possibly only - city, the Day, spans five islands and grew up around two invaluable resources - magical mills that grind up names and corpses and create food; and a giant Library in the trunk of a colossal tree.

The setting's genesis was a forum thread on the Wizards of the Coast forums - the original thread is here.

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A word of warning, however - in these pages you'll see a lot of opinions by a lot of fictional characters. We decided to let the citizens of Nifflas describe their world in their own words. Nothing they say should be assumed to be accurate or true - there is wishful thinking, superstition and prejudice in Nifflas as well as on Earth. If you disagree with what a quote says about an aspect of the setting, feel free to add a counter-quote or just post your own take on it. If you edit an entry, please don't remove anything - simply add your own take; then, if you wish, post on the discussion page requesting the removal of the offending text. Be sure to explain why you want it gone.

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